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Save the Date

Start making plans now to enjoy Night in Venice and to participate in the annual festivities. Night in Venice is scheduled for July 23, 2022.



Here are 2021 results.



Boat Number, Name of the Boat, Family’s Name and Theme

Best in show 25’ and over: #253, Boat Name: Shanti, Toner Family, Theme: Christmas Eve in July

Best in show 24’ and under: #224, Boat Name: That What Sea Said, Young & Beiswinger Families, Theme: Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun!

Best Lead Boat: #208, Boat Name: Carol B, ACT Engineers, Theme: Martin & Mollie Mollusk

Best Commercial: #251, Boat Name: Salty, Mangos & More, Theme: Tropical Tiki

Best Non-profit: #215, Boat Name: Reel Fun, OCTC Spotlight Performers


Best Decorated 25’ and over

1st Place: #253, Boat Name: Shanti, Toner Family, Theme: Christmas Eve in July

2nd Place: #250, Boat Name: Diablo, DeSallis Family, Theme: USA Surf Team

3rd Place: #266, Boat Name: Mr. Reel Tour, Baehrle Family, Theme: Jersey Shore Housing Boom


Best Decorated 24’ and under

1st Place: #230, Boat Name: Rocinante, Fekete Family, Theme: Pride of Ventnor

2nd Place: #218, Boat Name: The Shore 7, Rowe Family, Theme: Honor Our Heroes

3rd Place: #273, Boat Name: Jimbo, Larkin Family, Theme: Olympics in Ocean City


Comic 25’ and over

1st Place: #274, Whiteside Family, Theme: 9th Street Runway

2nd Place: #260, Boat Name: Ocean City Parasail, Richard Family, Theme: Last Sail Before the Vail

3rd Place: #257, Boat Name: Quarantine Dream, Quarantine Boat LLC, Theme: Honoring Our Heroes


Comic 24’ and under

1st Place: #258, Boat Name: Crazy Q, Quigley Family, Theme: Heroes

2nd Place: #227, Catinella Family, Theme: Celebrating Our Veterans


Musical 24’ and under

1st Place: #262, Boat Name: Casco, Caserta Family, Theme: Celebrating All the Different Types of People

2nd Place: #249, Boat Name: Can’t Sit Still, Cardano-Casario Family, Theme: Disco Salute to Our Heroes

3rd Place: #272, Boat Name: The Three “C”, Lawless Family, Theme: Dancing Through Second Shift-Salute to Nurses


Original 25’ and over

1st Place: #271, Boat Name: Shore Bet, Mancil Family, Theme: Tribute to Essential Workers

2nd Place: #248, Elliott Family, Theme: Honoring Our Heroes

3rd Place: #237, Boat Name: Marabella, Marques Family, Theme: Local Heroes Kept Us Going and Afloat!


Original 24’ and under

1st Place: #224, Boat Name: That What Sea Said, Young & Beiswinger Families, Theme: Gulls Just Wanna Have Fun!

2nd Place: #270, Boat Name: Brown Eyed Girls, Terry Family, Theme: Raise Your Glass to Frontline Heroes

3rd Place: #259, Boat Name: The Grateful Fred, Bornhardt Family, Theme: Olympic Line Dancing Team USA



#, Last Name, Theme

Zone 1:

1st Place: #65, Hornyak, Love You to the Moon and Back!

2nd Place: #60, Dolaway, A Night in Greece

3rd Place: #23, Desrosiers, Take Two: Summer Olympics 2021


Zone 2:

1st Place: #155, Gabriel, Disco made Me Do It!

2nd Place: #103, Haydinger, A Scarlet Begonia Salute to our Heroes

3rd Place: #125, Eni, OC Vice


Zone 3:

1st Place: #16, Kelly/Fitzpatrick, Summer of Love

2nd Place: #128, Tamburri/Wolf, Super Heroes

3rd Place: #63, Barnes, Sea D. Sea


Zone 4:

1st Place: #53, Hernandez, COVID B’ Gone

2nd Place: #91, Thornton, We Struck Gold on Pleasure Avenue

3rd Place: #66, Bellwoar, Come Out of Your Bubble and Celebrate!


Zone 5:

1st Place: #47, Thornton, Firefighters Save The Bay!

2nd Place: #101, O’Connell/Rearden, Streaming Thru COVID

3rd Place: #133, Lawver-Weber, OC…One in a “Melon”


Zone 6:

1st Place: #109, Myers, Thank You Ocean City Fire Company!

2nd Place: #39, Chiumento, OC Salutes Pandemic Heroes

3rd Place: #117, Gifford, Moby Dick


Zone 7:

1st Place: #77, Davidson, First Responders Rocked While we Rolled!

2nd Place: #81, Kyle, Blue & Gold Heroes

3rd Place: #17, Monczewski, Celebrating 50 Years of Marriage


Zone 8:

1st Place: #136, Kolea, Jungle

2nd Place: #64, Mathern, Olympics Around the World

3rd Place: #106, Boyle, Welcome to Our Luau


Zone 9:

1st Place: #118, Maxwell/Mallon, Roaring 20’s

2nd Place: #140, Hoffman, Night on “WEST”ern 17th Street


Zone 10:

1st Place: #141, Sutera, Celebrating the Greatest Generation

2nd Place: #11, Heenan, Go For the Gold!

3rd Place: #32, Larkin, Gillian’s Island


Zone 11:

1st Place: #142, Ruh, OC Toes in the Sand-Country Beach Concert for Heroes

2nd Place: #95, O’Flynn, Space Jam

3rd Place TIE: #110, Huber, OHANA-Means Family in Hawaiian & #107, Tolbert, Super Heroes Honoring Healthcare Heroes


Zone 12:

1st Place: #146, Votta, Don’t Worry, Beach Happy!

2nd Place: #55, Cassidy, Team USA

3rd Place: #144, Hill, Olympics


Zone 13:

1st Place: 111, Coluzzi, Parade of Heroes

2nd Place: #120 Van Stone, God Bless Our Heroes

3rd Place: #145, Rafetto, Under Construction


Zone 14 (Best Condo/Commercial):

1st Place: #148, Harbor House Condos, Go For the Gold…Harbor House Strong!

2nd Place: #36, Bay Club Condos, Olympics…Let the Games Begin!

3rd Place: #68, Bay Village Condos, It’s a Happy New year in Ocean City!