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At Sun Rose Words and Music and Amazon.com


“A Nation of Things,” the eighth book of poems by local poet, Mark Soifer, is now available from Amazon.com and Sun Rose Words and Music, 756 Asbury Ave. in Ocean City.


The book features interior illustrations by Jerry Lukas and a full color, wrap around painting on the cover by the poet’s twin brother, Jesse. It contains 121 new poems based on the relationship between people and inanimate objects.

The poems are written in rhyme, free verse and combinations of the two forms. There are several concrete or visual poems included.

Soifer, now 81, has been writing poetry since he was 15 years old. He has been published in many magazines and republished in Readers Digest. Some of the periodicals include Pembroke Magazine, The New York Times Op Ed section, Parting Gifts, Without Halos, Fan Magazine, Widener Review, Aura Literary Arts Review, Black Buzzard Press, ZuZu’s Petals, Seven Arts Magazine, Lake Superior Review, Red Dance Floor Press and 60 poems in the “Pup Tent Poets” column of Stars and Stripes when he was serving in the U.S.Army in Germany.

Comments of his about poetry have been published in the Letters section of Poetry Magazine, Chicago. Previous books of poetry by Soifer include Sentiment and Steel, Explosions and Fragments, The City of Wires, Sunday, A Primitive Mind, Inifinity’s Alley, It’s About Time and A Cat With Nine Tales, a Light Verse epic.

“I think the thing that sets this book apart and makes it more interesting is the cover artwork by my brother and the fanciful illustrations of individual poems by Jerry Lukas,” the poet said. “Both of these men are recognized professionals in their fields.”

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