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Ocean City, NJ Guided Beach Walks Every Tuesday and Wednesday will Start July 2nd and end August 28th

Volunteer Beachguides will take out groups and share information on various topics that may include: shells, birds, the ocean, beach vegetation, beach creatures and more. Guided beachwalks run for approximately one hour.

The beach scene changes everyday and creates an adventure and learning experience for all ages. Every beach walk is different. Group participants are encouraged to find items* along the way for discussion and learning. The guides will share knowledge and welcome questions. Our guides do their best to make the experience a pleasant memory for all.

Please join us at one of our two locations: 

Southend: Meet at 59th Street & Central Avenue near the entrance to Corson Inlet State Park 

Tuesday Morning Beachwalks at 9am

Wednesday Night Beachwalks at 6:30pm

Northend: Meet in the parking lot by the Longport Bridge at the North end of the island on Gardens Parkway just before and to the right of the toll booth

Wednesday Morning Beachwalks at 9am

Tuesday Night Beachwalks at 6:30pm

PRICE: $1.00

               $.50 FOR CHILDREN UNDER 10 YEARS OLD

*Please note collection of live animals is prohibited