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Unite, a show designed for late-night youth on the Boardwalk, opens this Saturday, June 22nd at 10:30 pm.

The OTW Band with producer Seth Bazacas has planned an action-packed combination of music, audience involvement, and stand-up. Initially funded by the Ocean City Tabernacle, the event is free and will continue every Saturday night.


Asked about the late-night time, Bazacas said “It is designed to provide something for kids to do as the Boardwalk starts slowing down.” “It will use the high-powered sound system of theatre # 3 and be combined with a light show and maybe even some other special effects.”

The target audience is high school and college age students with staff from the Boardwalk welcome to come as they finish work.

Bazacas said it will have a Christian theme, but “will not be anything like a church service.”   He calls it “current covers, rockin’ praise, and feel-good music.”

More information at www.moorlynfamilytheatre.org.