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Clam Shell Pitching Enthusiast, Joe McGettigan, met with Ocean City's legendary shelled weather prognosticator, Martin  Z. Mollusk,  at the Miss Crustacean Hermit Cab Beauty Pageant  last week to discuss the August 24th Martin Z. Mollusk World Championship Clam Drain Pitching Contest set for the beaches between 5th and 6th St. Clam Drains are manufactured Clam Shells that provide a standard shell for all competitors. They

were invented by McGettigan. Martin has endorsed the competition because the $10 entrance fee will benefit the Ocean City Theater Company's Youth programs. "It's  for a good cause said Martin and besides shell pitching is a great Jersey Shore tradition as long as the shell being pitched isn't me."  Martin was speaking through his spiritual advisor and chef, Mark Soifer, who is the only one who can communicate with the famed hermit crab.