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The Ocean City Police Department’s Community Policing Unit Top Ten Commercial Burglary Crime Prevention Tips

1. Visibility – allow neighbors, citizens and police to see into your property during off hours. Keep signs off windows and keep landscaping under control

2. Doors/locks – heavy duty doors and properly installed locks making it harder for someone to make entry

3. Alarm/camera systems – been shown to be a deterrent by their mere presence

4. Lighting – assure that all entry points to the building are properly illuminated. Motion detectors work well and alert neighbors of possible suspicious activity. Should be some background lighting during off duty hours.

5. Leave cash register drawer open and empty

6. Don’t leave cash – make it a habit to drop your cash on a daily basis but never be routine.

7. Cash control – advertise a cash control policy / minimum amount at the property

8. Make sure property is secure before leaving – sounds funny but it happens more frequently than you think

9. Mark/engrave your equipment and valuables. Keep records

10. Crimes against businesses are usually crimes of opportunity. Failure to take good security precautions invites crime into a business.

For a free crime prevention survey conducted by a Crime Prevention officer, please feel free to contact the COP Unit @ (609) 525 9108